Which mech is most expensive to maintain?

The mechmarketplace.com has just released a report about how much it costs to maintain the latest generation of the BMP-2, which is the US-produced variant of the popular BMP1.

The BMP2s main rival in the battle for market share is the Russian-made Spetsnaz-produced S-100M, but the BMD-2s price is just $50k, which means the BM-2 is cheaper than its competitor in almost every way.

But what about the other mechs that are also selling for a lot of money?

The most expensive mech is the C-3PO, which comes in at a hefty $5m.

This is actually not too surprising, as the C3PO is the “biggest single-seater combat aircraft in the world.”

It is also the most expensive “military” mech in the entire game.

It is a highly-advanced combat machine, and while it is only one of many variants of the mech, it has the highest price tag at $8m.

Other variants, such as the BTR-70, are cheaper than the C1PO, but only at $4m.

Even though the CPO is expensive, it is still the cheapest mech, and it is not a bad mech at all.

The other mech in this list is the AV-8B Harrier, which has a price tag of $4.5m, which might be a bit high.

The AV-7B Harriers main rival is the MiG-21, which retails for $3.6m.

The MiG is a multi-role fighter that can engage in air-to-air, air-ground, and ground-to

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