How Ford’s Dearborn, Mich.-based Dearborn Ford mechanic uses the car to survive a car crash

Dearborn Michigan — In the late 1980s, the Dearborn mechanic who worked on Ford’s legendary ’86 Mustang was driving through a rural Michigan highway.

The mechanic, Dave Dufresne, was about 20 years old at the time.

“We were heading west on Interstate 70 when we saw a truck stop in front of us,” Dufre told Ars.

“It was a Ford, the same car we saw in the movie, but it had a little different interior.

The driver of the truck was holding onto the front of the vehicle.

I didn’t know how to react to this and I didn’ know what to do, so I drove to the back of the car and I got out and started banging on the windshield with my fist.

I got a little startled and then I looked up and I saw a little red, glowing light behind the truck.

I looked down and saw it was the ’86.

I had to go and get my hands on it.

I grabbed the front window and started trying to open it.

As soon as I got the door open, the front wheels came flying out.

The car hit the back end of the pickup and broke into two pieces.

I started yelling to my wife and son, ‘Get the truck and get out of the way.’

I got into the truck, grabbed the driver and tried to push him out of his car and then he started to drive away.”

The Dearborn’s mechanic was lucky, because he was able to pull the truck from the wreck.

The truck had already taken off with its tires slashed and its front bumper smashed off, but Dufrez’s efforts were able to save the Ford.

“The truck was sitting there for six or seven hours,” he said.

“There were people around the wreck who had to get it fixed.

So I started to work on it again and my wife came running over.

We tried to help and we couldn’t get it out of there.

The wheels were still on and the front bumper was in a terrible shape.

We took it off and it looked horrible.”

The damage caused the Ford to sink into the side of the road and crash into the fence that separated it from the rest of the highway.

“I thought the truck had just been struck by lightning,” Dusford said.

“[Then] I saw people running out of their houses, looking at the wreckage, and the driver was just going by the wreckage.

There was blood everywhere.”

The truck was totaled.

“My wife, my sons and I were lucky because it wasn’t that bad,” Dumfresne said.

The Ford was totaled, but not because the mechanic was the only one to make it out alive.

The Dearhan’s mechanic is not the only Dearborn-based mechanic who made it out.

“A couple of guys were in the truck when it happened and were just driving away,” said Mike Kowalski, who was driving on the highway when the truck smashed into him.

“They pulled up in front and just kept driving.

The rest of us were just trying to get our trucks out of this mess.

The people who were in that truck were just going out to pick up some other stuff, but the people in the other vehicles that were on the road were not.

They didn’t seem to care about anybody.”

The crash that resulted in the accident was a result of poor road construction.

In the film, the truck driver, Dave, says the Dearhan was supposed to be a modern-day ’71 Chevy Caprice.

But the movie makes no mention of the ’61 Chevy.

A letter sent to Ford from a Dearborn dealership, which was not part of the film and was not affiliated with the Dearan mechanic, stated the Ford Dearborn “is a 1971 Ford Caprice with a 2.8L four-cylinder engine.”

The letter stated that the Deargan had a “new interior and new tires” and was on “fresh, new, OEM, serviceable paint.”

The Ford Dearan’s owner told the Dearannemedia, “I had no idea about the Dearham, and I am very disappointed that I have been the victim of this car.”

“The Dearborn was on a street that was never built for a Chevy.

It was built in Detroit.

The entire area was designed to be used by the Ford Motor Company.

We didn’t have any cars in that area.”

A Dearborn auto repair shop was also built into the Dearland-based Dearan-based vehicle, which in turn was designed for Ford.

The repair shop is not mentioned in the film.

“This wasn’t a car that was built for the Ford,” said Dufredes father, Dusfred.

“Our Dearborn used to be the only Ford in Michigan, but since I retired, they stopped selling us their cars.”

The story of the Dearjen Ford mechanic is

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