When the power went out, the mechanical keyboard stopped working

When the AC generator went out at the temple of the late Bhagwan Singh in Ayodhya, the temple’s chief mechanical engineer, Jagendra Singh, had to improvise.

In his haste, he tried using the power on the phone or in the car.

That didn’t work.

The power went off and the temple staff were left without a mechanical keyboard.

In the evening, Singh found that the computer that he had plugged into the phone had gone dead.

He called the local power utility and the technicians who had been monitoring the temple, but no one was available.

It was midnight when the power failed again, this time at the top of the temple and at the back.

After a couple of days, the power was restored and the people of Ayodya were able to resume their normal lives.

A few days after the temple was rebuilt, it was announced that the temple would soon become a state museum.

This is an edited version of an article that appeared in the Hindustan Times, the flagship newspaper of the Indian government.

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