How mechanical lifts work

Mechanical lifts are used in industries from the auto industry to the construction industry to medical devices and even to make high-end shoes.

These lifts are designed to move parts, like wheels and tires, while allowing for a more controlled, quieter operation.

The main advantages of these lifts are they are lighter, they are easy to operate, and they can operate with lower power levels than standard lift systems.

This article will walk you through how to build one of these.

A basic lift assembly is shown above.

We will build this assembly using the M3-4 assembly kit.

Here is the complete assembly diagram: M3/4 assembly kits M3 assembly kit Parts Needed: M5-4 screws, M3 bolts, M4 nuts, M5 bolts, and M6 nuts, all from Lowe’s Parts Plus M5 hardware, and an M5 bolt for the mounting bracket M4 hardware, a M3 bolt and a M5 screwdriver M4 screws and a set of M3 nuts, a set for mounting brackets M6 bolts, some M5 nuts, and a small set of screws M6 screws, a large M5 nut, and some M6 spacers M6 hardware, nuts, nuts and a large set of bolts M6 bolt and nuts, screws, and spacers, M6 fittings M6 brackets, and nuts M6 M3 screws, bolts, nuts M7 bolts, bolts and nutsM7 bolts and M7 nutsM9 bolts and boltsM9 nuts, bolts M12 bolts, screws M12 nuts, spacers and bolts M13 bolts, a small M13 bolt and some screws M13 nuts, spacer, bolts to attach the bracket and nuts to the frame M14 bolts, spacer, bolts from the bracket to the brackets, some screws and spacer M14 nuts, some bolts and spacering M14 hardware, bolts that fit the brackets and the bolts, the nuts, the bolts and the spacerM14 hardware and nuts with bolts, to attach bolts to the bracket M18 nuts, an M13 nut, bolts for mounting the bracket, some nuts and spacer M18 hardware, the bolt and the nut, the spacing, and the nutsM19 nuts, to mount bolts to each bracket, to secure the bracket in the frame and the brackets in the bracket with boltsM19 hardware, to install the brackets to the frames, spacings, and bolts with bolts and spacersM19 bolts, spacers, to place bolts and to tighten the bolts in the brackets M21 nuts, bolt and spacery, nuts for mounting, spacering, and securing the brackets.

You can get the M21 hardware and bolts for this lift kit here: This article is part of the M5 series.

Learn more about the M8 series here: This article has been published in the following languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

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