How a mechanical seal came to be an NHL mascot

A mechanical seal was once an NHL player mascot, and he has been one of the most popular mascots ever since.

It all started with the Buffalo Sabres, who had a mascot named Mike the Seal.

Mike was originally the face of the Sabres, but was also a member of the NHL’s Buffalo Beauties, which played at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 1974 to 1977.

He was one of those great players, with a great mustache, a great beard, and a lot of fun, according to the NHL website.

The Sabres named him “the most popular player in the history of the Buffalo Beautys.”

Mike’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place in the spring of 1977.

It was the first time that a mascot inducted into the Hall of Hockey had to go through the hall.

It took place on Feb. 1, 1979, but the Hall got so excited about Mike’s induction that it invited the Sabres to the ceremony.

It’s not known if the Sabres made an official bid to induct him into the Hockey Hall of Famer’s Hall.

Mike got a lot more attention during his time in Buffalo than he had ever gotten in the NHL, but he wasn’t a household name until he was inducted in 1987.

He still has the jersey number, 12, and the number of his Sabres teammates, 13, on the back.

But his jersey number was retired at the end of the season.

Mike’s nickname, the mechanical animal, is a reference to the fact that he was a mechanical animal that worked.

He was also nicknamed “the mechanic” and “the man who makes the machines work.”

Mike was also known for his signature mustache, which was created in Buffalo.

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