What to expect from the 2017 mechanical ventilation contract

A contract with a major Canadian manufacturer to supply a new kind of mechanical ventilation system for airplanes is coming to an end.

A mechanical ventilation company, AirLogic, has secured a five-year contract with Canadian manufacturer Bombardier to supply its new ventilation system.

The contract, which expires on June 30, was awarded to AirLogics in February and is scheduled to expire in 2019.

AirLogic has been supplying ventilation systems for a number of commercial aircraft since 2013.

It operates four systems, each of which is powered by a single turbojet engine.

The company says its new system uses a liquid-filled tank, similar to those used in older models of engines, and is quieter than the older versions.

The system uses liquid oxygen and nitrogen as a fuel and has a maximum pressure of about 9,000 pounds per square inch.

The AirLogix system also has a larger tank and is designed to fit more air into the system.

It uses liquid nitrogen, as well as air from the engine, for the propulsion system.

Both systems can be connected together to form a more efficient system.

Airlogics said it will begin using the system on Boeing 737-800s starting in 2018.

Bombardier said it would begin producing its new ventilators in 2018 and would begin delivering the system to commercial airplanes in 2019 and 2020.

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