Trump to ‘go after’ ‘mechanics’ as he seeks to replace Obama’s climate policies

Trump is set to take aim at the “mechanicals” at the heart of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, arguing that they are causing the global warming crisis.

The Clean Power plan was signed into law by former President Barack Obama and it aims to limit carbon emissions from the nation’s coal-fired power plants by 2020.

It has faced legal challenges, with the Supreme Court now saying the rule was unconstitutional.

But Trump has repeatedly promised to take a different tack, arguing the rules unfairly disadvantage American manufacturing workers and drive up electricity costs.

“I am going to go after those machinists,” Trump said in a March 23 interview with The Washington Post.

“I am not going to let anybody make millions of dollars or whatever by making their jobs less safe.

I am going, I’m going to take them out.

And they are going to have to go out and make billions of dollars by going to Mexico.

They’re going to make billions.

They have no idea how much it’s going to cost them.”

The comments came after Trump announced his decision to seek to replace the Clean Power Rule with a new rule that would protect coal plants from pollution.

Trump has also promised to increase manufacturing wages by bringing back American jobs, while calling for higher taxes on corporations to pay for his plans to increase infrastructure spending and invest in infrastructure.

But while Trump has made some vague statements about his plans, the president has also made vague promises about his intentions.

On March 26, he told a crowd in Kentucky that the Clean Air Act “needs to be changed,” which the EPA has argued is not a repeal but a continuation of the Clean Water Act.

“That’s what I said, I said I’m not going [to] repeal the Clean air Act, I am not gonna repeal the clean water, I will not do that.

But if they want to do it, let them do it.

And I will tell you, I have to be very careful,” Trump added.

“If they want it, they can do it,” Trump continued.

“But we’ll see what happens with it.”

Trump’s comments come as the Trump administration has faced increased scrutiny from the public over the president’s claims that the Paris climate agreement was negotiated to help the US.

On Friday, a federal judge blocked the president from taking any action to repeal the climate change agreement and the president was forced to backtrack on his comments.

The president’s latest comments come after he and other administration officials have been embroiled in a dispute with the United Steelworkers union, which has called for a boycott of the White House.

On Wednesday, the Trump Organization issued a statement calling the union’s actions a “misleading tactic” and saying the company would be “working to resolve this matter.”

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