The best engineering schools for kids

The U.S. is a national leader in engineering schools.

The national average in engineering education is just under 60 percent, according to the Society for Engineering Education.

But that gap is widening.

According to the latest data from the Society, the average percentage of students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) engineering schools is just over half.

The median is just shy of 45 percent.

And the median is even lower at 44 percent.

The gap is getting worse, according the National Science Foundation, and the U.N. Children’s Fund has put out a report calling for an even bigger increase in the number of STEM students.

“We’re seeing the rise of what we’ve come to call the ‘super-teens’ in STEM.

They’re not just entering their first year of school, they’re entering the workforce, and they’re going to be in STEM for a long time,” says Andrew R. Smith, the president of the Society.

Smith is also a former president of GE.

The data points to a big difference in education levels.

The average school is doing better than half of the nation.

And if you look at the average GPA in the U, it’s just over 2.3.

That’s good, but it’s still not as high as it should be.

The U’s average engineering school has a GPA of 2.4.

That compares with an average in Canada at 2.7, the U-S at 2,937, and in Germany at 2.,865.

STEM degrees are a hot commodity.

So, why is it that STEM students are getting worse in math?

Smith says it has to do with how kids are taught.

“They’re being taught that a lot of these fields are really really boring.

The same things that you do in high school.

The science of gravity, for example, is really boring,” Smith says.

“The same things you do at a university, the same thing you do on your college courses, you’re learning the same things.”

Science is a big part of what makes STEM so attractive to the world, Smith says, and STEM students should learn science from a very early age.

STEM students need to be exposed to the idea of science from the start.

That starts with the classroom.

“A lot of kids that get into STEM don’t get taught science, and science is a subject that’s very, very challenging.

That can be difficult,” he says.

That means students need help in the classroom to understand the science behind STEM.

Smith says teachers can help by teaching students about how physics works and how chemistry works.

STEM education starts early and ends at home.

Smith suggests starting early by giving students an early introduction to the basics of science.

“So, you start out by just having them learn about basic physics, how to make a magnet, how gravity works, how the universe works, and you just get into the more complex things,” he explains.

That could include using a calculator to understand how a gas moves, or building a model of a particle.

It can also include the theory of relativity.

“And then you have to build a model for how light interacts with things,” Smith adds.

“That’s really, really challenging.

It’s a big topic, and that’s the area that science and math are really good at teaching.”

What happens after that?

Smith believes there’s a huge disconnect between the quality of education that students are receiving at a typical high school and the kind of STEM education that is needed for the future.

“Our economy is very, really reliant on STEM, and I think that’s really going to change very quickly,” Smith said.

That has to change for the U to be able to compete in the global economy.

Smith believes the best way to fix the problem is by focusing on how to bring STEM education into the classroom for kids in need.

“It’s really about putting a lot more emphasis on how STEM students get the skills that they need in school, and then they get them in the workforce,” Smith added.

He recommends that every school have a STEM education program, but he also believes there is an important distinction between STEM education and traditional science education.

“I think that a STEM curriculum, you know, it is an integral part of STEM, but I think the difference is, in the STEM education world, you need to really be able, you have have to really work with the teachers to make sure that kids have the skills to be good at science,” he said.

Smith also believes that a strong STEM education is a great way to address the country’s growing inequality problem.

“What we have in this country is a lot higher inequality than any other country in the world.

It really is a problem,” he added.

Smith hopes to see more STEM programs like GE’s.

“You know, the good news is, there’s always more that can be done to make our schools better.

And so we’ve got to continue to be working on that, to

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