Quantum Mechanics: The Physics of the Future

A quantum mechanical physicist says quantum physics is a theory that describes the behaviour of the universe, not an idea that is yet proven.

Professor Richard Feynman, who helped invent the first quantum computer in 1955, said he was impressed by the way quantum mechanics had revolutionised science, and the way its underlying principles were changing the world.

“It’s a fundamental science and I think that people in the future will be more interested in it because it really has the potential to change how we understand the universe,” Professor Feynmen said.

He said the latest scientific evidence that quantum mechanics could explain the behaviour in the universe was “very exciting”.

Professor Feyman said the fundamental nature of quantum mechanics was the same as the one used in the physics of classical mechanics.

He likened quantum mechanics to a “virtual world” where there are particles and forces that interact.

“You could think of a virtual world as the way the laws of physics interact, but that’s not the same,” he said.

“There’s the same physics, but you can imagine a virtual universe as an invisible thing.”

If we can explain why things behave the way they do, we’ll be able to change our understanding of the world.


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