GM Dan Girardi, GM Dan Gilbert say they want to move the Flyers to Anaheim The Flyers, who are still playing in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, have said they’d like to move to Anaheim and move to the Anaheim Ducks in order to help build a winner in the NHL’s new arena.GM Dan Girard and GM Paul Holmgren told reporters on Thursday that they are in the final stages of negotiating with Anaheim regarding a possible relocation, with negotiations underway.

The Flyers have a $200 million stadium lease with Anaheim, and it is rumored that the team could possibly leave for a new stadium.

The team has a $3.3 billion lease with the city of Anaheim, but the team has not confirmed the exact number of dollars.

The Flyers have been trying to move for some time, but they’ve not been able to find a buyer.

They were able to land a package with a team that could help them out financially, but a deal that could give them a better chance to make the playoffs, but ultimately, it would not make them a great fit for Anaheim.

The move to an NHL-branded arena would allow them to bring back many of their players, as well as bring a new face to the team, such as former goaltender Ben Bishop, who is also a former goalie with the Flyers.

It would also allow them the ability to use their brand and identity to help attract a new generation of fans, which is something that is something they’ve always wanted to do.

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