Ford’s CEO says his automaker is working on a decarboxyelation device

Ford’s chief executive said on Monday that his company is working to develop a decarbonizing engine, one of several technologies being considered by the automaker to curb carbon emissions.

In a press conference Monday, Ford Chief Executive Mark Fields said that the automaking company was also researching ways to use renewable energy, including solar and wind power.

Fields said that Ford is also developing an electric vehicle that could eventually compete with hybrid vehicles.

Ford’s CEO Mark Fields.APThe automaker has long been criticized for its use of toxic chemicals in its vehicles.

In 2015, Ford sold 1.5 million cars in the United States, about a quarter of all U.S. car sales, but it said the pollution was “the result of a few rogue employees who were reckless and careless.”

It said it is working with regulators to address its emissions.

In May, Ford introduced a carbon-capture system that would capture greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Fielders said that during a meeting last week with Ford employees, he was shown a video of the company’s first carbon-neutral engine.

He said the video showed a device that would convert carbon dioxide from the exhaust of a car engine into water.

“It’s very exciting,” Fields said.

“I was blown away.

This is a very exciting, new, new technology.”

Ford said it would develop a vehicle that would be capable of running on electricity, not diesel, for the first time in its history.

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