When you buy a vehicle you expect to have it in two years

RTE 1.9 million customers are expected to buy new vehicles in the next two years, the largest share of any brand in the country.

The figures show that RTE is on course to surpass its original target of selling 50 million vehicles in 2021.

The company’s chief executive officer, Alistair Dyer, told RTE’s Drive: “The new-vehicle industry is going through a transformation and there is no doubt that the challenge of selling cars is going to become more acute.”

He said the company was “proud” to see such a big majority of customers choosing to buy their new vehicles within the next couple of years.

“We are seeing this transformation in a number of ways, and we have a responsibility to our customers and our employees to keep up with it,” he said.

Mr Dyer said the next milestone would be to drive more customers to a new generation of vehicles with greater reliability and performance.

“The next challenge will be to provide the same level of reliability and quality to all customers, which will be the challenge in the years ahead,” he added.

Mr Dorries’ comments come just months after Toyota announced a new “full-on” five-year investment plan that will see the firm invest in its new Toyota RAV4.

“For the first time, RTE will be a full-on manufacturer in 2020,” said the firm’s chief financial officer, Mark Pascarella.

“It’s going to be a bold new direction for us as we work to achieve the ultimate goal of having 100,000 new vehicles on the road by 2021.”

This will enable us to build on our already strong track record of delivering the most efficient, reliable, and fuel-efficient vehicles on-the-road.

“Mr Dorry said RTE had a range of options for its customers, with an option to purchase new vehicles from any of the six suppliers to which it has contracts.”

Our customers want to buy vehicles that they can trust,” he told Drive.”

They don’t want to go into a store and buy a brand-new car.

“What they want is a vehicle that is going on the roads with them.

That’s why we’re offering a range from one of the best in the world, our Nissan Titan X, to a brand new Toyota 4Runner.”

And that’s what our customers are asking for, and what our suppliers are providing.

“Mr Dyers said the strategy was designed to help the firm meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.”

As the industry continues to change, and as we have seen, with the introduction of hydrogen, we are moving away from conventional diesel engines, which have always been the go-to engine for a long time, and into the technology of hydrogen,” he explained.”

That means our customers need to be able to have the confidence that we are going to deliver a vehicle in that state that is ready for them.

“So this is the first step in that process, and that is the full-scale investment that we’re taking.”

The new model RAV-F will have a base price of £50,000 (€61,000), and will be available in six different trim levels, including the base, premium, sport and sport+ models.

Mr Pascares, who will be replaced at the end of the year by CEO David Ragan, has promised that the new model will be “the most competitively priced in the business”.

He said that it will have the latest technology, including an advanced air suspension, and “the best safety technology in the industry”.

The new RAV will have an all-wheel drive, a new front axle and the new front suspension, he said, adding that it would have a fuel economy of 30mpg.

“At the moment, the best car in the market in the UK is the Nissan Titan, which has a fuel efficiency of 37mpg, and I’m not sure if that’s going anywhere,” Mr Pascaria said.

“But we are working very closely with our customers to develop the best possible vehicle that we can deliver.”

Toyota will also unveil a new electric car, the RAV Energi, in April.

The RAV F is expected to debut in 2021, while the Titan X and Titan Z will be launched in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

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