How to unlock $15 million in equity for your aviation mechanic

I’m a pilot, mechanic, mechanic-turned-financial adviser.

I’m an expert on aircraft financing.

And I also have a passion for airplanes.

My passion for aviation finance has been a long time coming, says aviation mechanic and financial adviser Mike Bielak, who founded the online aviation finance company Aerofinancing.

I have always wanted to be a pilot.

It’s a really rewarding profession.

I started out flying a Cessna 172 with a buddy of mine when I was 15, and then I took a flight test with a friend of mine who flew a Piper Cherokee, and now I fly with him every single day.

In my career, I have been in the industry for a long, long time.

I have flown a Boeing 757, a Boeing 777, a Piper PA-19 and a Boeing 737, and I have had some amazing career accomplishments.

I am an investor, and when I want to invest, I invest in aviation.

I love airplanes.

I just love airplanes, and we have been investing in them for a very long time, he said.

But there’s one thing that I have always loved, he says, that is the air traffic control tower.

The tower, the airway, the engine, the control center, the oxygen tanks, the fuel tank, the water tank, all that stuff, that’s just amazing to me.

I’ve flown in airplanes for decades, and it’s just a beautiful thing.

I’m going to give it a try, he tells me, and he goes to the tower.

I walk through the building and I see the first thing I see is a huge sign in the middle of the room.

I can see all the equipment that’s going to be there.

I see all these instruments that are going to go in the tower, and all the people are going in there.

There’s a huge crowd of people waiting to go into the tower for their scheduled flight.

I feel like I’m on a vacation.

I want my kids to see me here, but I also want them to see my passion for flying.

After I walked into the airfield, I had the first ever experience with the tower’s oxygen system, which is not what I was expecting.

The oxygen system is just a very thin layer of white plastic.

It just covers the top of the airframe.

The oxygen is coming from the fuel tanks.

It goes through the engine.

And then the fuel is coming out of the engine into the tank.

That’s where the oxygen comes in, and that’s where it goes back into the airplane.

It is a very simple system.

It was really quite fun, Bielack says, and really cool.

The oxygen is a big part of what makes this an interesting business.

What I love about it, he adds, is that it’s not just about making a quick buck.

You can’t just sell your airplane for a profit.

You have to earn money, and you have to make money.

You don’t just buy a plane to make a quick profit.

There is an enormous value in having a connection to the airline.

You’re connecting with an airline that is going to support your career.

The biggest risk for a pilot is the tower itself, Bileak says.

And the risk of having to take on a big risk like a new pilot is that the pilot may be nervous and may feel like, “Oh, I’m not ready to go,” he says.

But that’s OK.

The tower has a tremendous amount of safety and a lot of security, and once you get there, it’s safe.

The pilot doesn’t have to worry about that.

I really believe that it is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

The pilot who goes into the airport has the opportunity to see what the pilot who’s flying out there in the back seat is seeing, Bialak says, even though he isn’t the pilot.

Once you go into that tower, you get to see everything, even the people that are not piloting in the cockpit.

The planes are moving at a very high rate of speed, and the pilots are going fast.

And if you fly the plane well, the pilots will understand you, and they’ll go up and down.

The pilots are really looking out for you.

I would really like to be flying that plane in the future, he suggests.

He sees that the next generation of pilots will be pilots who can fly those planes.

He even suggests that maybe you could be a financial adviser in a way, but in a different industry.

When I think about the people who are flying planes today, they are people that have never been in an airplane, Biolak says with a laugh.

“They don’t have a clue about how airplanes work, so I would really love to be that person.

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