Why is ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ so popular?

One of the most-used words in Italian football is Cristiano Ronaldo, and it’s not just because he plays for Real Madrid.

It has become a staple of footballing discussions across Europe and the world, particularly among young players.

And the latest example of this is when a meme about Ronaldo’s trademark ‘cronk’ has been circulating on social media, and a YouTube video is being created to make fun of the word’s origin.

It all started last year when the video was uploaded to a YouTube channel called ‘Cronk’.

In the video, Ronaldo is seen in the background with his head bowed, and as the camera zooms in on him, the word is heard repeatedly: “Cronki” in Italian, or “Cristano”.

It’s not a very good word, but the phrase “Criscio Cristiano” or “the Cristiano Cristiano of football” is being shared widely across the web, and has been seen by millions of people.

The phrase was taken up by fans of the Italian team AC Milan who decided to take it up by making a video mocking the word.

The clip was uploaded on January 15, and quickly went viral.

It received more than 1.6 million views within two days, and soon was being used on Twitter by fans who thought the phrase was funny.

The internet’s love affair with CristianoRoma’s superstar has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks.

This was partly because of the fact that the Cristiano Roma players have become the biggest stars in the world since the club won their first European Cup in 1990.

In a video on Instagram last month, Ronaldo even appeared in a commercial that played on the phrase.

It’s a bit surreal seeing him at his most famous form.

In an interview with the Italian publication Corriere della Sera, the former Real Madrid star said he had always been a fan of the phrase, saying he would say it to his wife and daughter at parties.

He also said that his favorite players of his time would have used the phrase to describe their play.

“Cristian is a very talented player and it makes him the best footballer in the game.

He’s a great player,” he said.

He added: “You can say that to his children, too.

He is always talking about Cristiano.”

Cristi, as the phrase is known, has been used in football as long as the game has existed, and is considered a catchall term for all sorts of expressions.

“It’s a very versatile word, it can be used to mean the same thing as the whole club or the whole team,” explained Marcello Amoroso, professor of Italian at the University of Padua.

“You can use it to refer to a coach or an assistant or to any player in the team.

It can be a way of expressing yourself, a way to express your opinions.”

The phrase is a perfect example of the way the term has become popular in the internet age, he said, with a video posted on January 19 showing the phrase being used to describe players in a World Cup qualifier against Argentina.

“That’s a good example because it’s a popular word,” he added.

The meaning of the term is not entirely clear.

According to Amorosa, the term could be applied to the whole squad or a particular player.

The word is also sometimes used as a general expression, which is how it is used in the phrase Cristiano, as in “the one Cristiano”.

But the real reason for its use in football is probably more complicated, as there are a number of different meanings of the expression.

The most common is that it is the name of a football player, and not an individual, so it is more common to use “the Ronaldo of football”.

In other words, it’s the name given to an individual player.

It could also refer to an entire team, or the club as a whole, and the phrase could also be used when referring to a particular coach.

“We have the phrase ‘the Cristano Ronaldo of the Camp Nou’ in football because he is a player, but he’s also a coach,” Amorismo said.

“He has many attributes that make him one of the best players in the history of football.”

The word Cristiano is also a word for a player in general, and its use has also been used to refer in general terms to players who have made an impression on the world.

“The most popular example of that is Cristian Toure, who won the Ballon d’Or at the World Cup in 2006,” Amorso explained.

“The fans of PSG wanted him to play in their colours.

That’s how the word became popular.”

For a while, the whole word was used to make a political statement.

“In the video below, Ronaldo says: “I’m not a Cristiano.

I’m a Cristinho. I don’t

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